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Zero G in Style

July 11, 2010

Today we’re shoot’n up — zero G style. My first generation Virtual Daughter Spacewear prototype, the Earhart Aviatrix Jumpsuit (inspired by what Amelia Earhart will look like when she’s found in the future) made it’s weightless debut on Liz Kennick, the president of the Space Tourism Society of New York. She reported the jumpsuit performed beautifully and got a great response from everyone else on the flight, Zero G and a gold star approval from the FAA. Virtual Daughter Spacewear won 1st place in a Space Tourism Society fashion competition and will be featured at the upcoming Space Frontier Foundation’s New Space Conference in California.

— We are ready for takeoff —

All photos by Steve Boxall provided by the Zero Gravity Corporation

Stay tuned in for more looks to come from Virtual Daughter:  the authority on what to wear in space.


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  1. Carol permalink
    July 11, 2010 10:07 pm

    So I assumeyou got to go weightless too!!! Looks fun!!!

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